Tuesday 02nd of September 2014

UsLivorno 1915 - I numeri del Livorno Calcio
Sportive Judge, decisions about 1st day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 16:17

Milano - They have been published in major decisions of the Sportive Judge dr. Emilio Battaglia after 1st day of Serie B.

Fines to team: Nothing

1 day disqualification: GARICS Gyorgy e ZUCULINI Franco (Bologna), CALAIO' Emanuele (Catania), ARDIZZONE Francesco (Pro Vercelli), GROSSI Paolo (Virtus Lanciano)

Players warned: Nobody

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 September 2014 16:20
Player Market, Meola to Barletta PDF Print E-mail
Written by Otello Neri   
Tuesday, 02 September 2014 14:15

Milan - Feather the sale of Siligardi to Verona or at Cesena, the offerings of the teams were not deemed adequate to the value of the player, the market amaranth was not expected nothing great.
The Market phase we officially closed last night at 23, and the Livorno sold in the final stages, the defender Antonio Meola at Barletta with the formula of the loan.

Final Scoreboard Player Market Livorno 2014-15

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Livorno-Carpi, the probable line-up PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 10:32

Livorno - In view of the first day of the championship, with the market still open is not easy to guess what will be the teams that will take the field at the Armando Picchi.
Probably both Gautieri both Castori will treasure as well as the friendly matches also defeats incurred in the Italian Cup, respectively, from Bassano and Pisa.
In series B is the first time the two teams meet in history there have been only three previous home of Livorno, and always in series C. Two wins and a draw is the booty up to here obtained from amaranth against the team of Emilia.

Probable line-up of Livorno-Carpi and matches statistics

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Italian Cup, the Bassano will challenge Livorno PDF Print E-mail
Written by Luca Maggini   
Sunday, 10 August 2014 23:06

Milano - With the recent meetings of the evening is finished the first qualifying round of the Italian Cup. It will be the Bassano to challenge Livorno's team to to Armando Picchi stadium next Sunday for the transition to the third round.
Were few surprises in this round, in fact they have won all the home teams except, of Renate who is went on to win 1-0 at home in Bergamo dell'Albinoleffe, the Casertana who won 1-0 in Reggio Calabria against Reggina and indeed of Bassano who won 2-1 in Vicenza against the local team comeback.

Scoreboard Tim Cup 2014-15 updated after the 1st round

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 August 2014 23:12
Serie B, Livorno-Carpi the first day of the season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 16:02

Milano - Live in the draw, the first of the season sees the debut Livorno at home with the Carpi and the Latina wait the first round of rest. Abodi has confirmed that its intention is to keep the category to 21 teams, is on hold, however, the decision of the competent orders.

Avellino-Pro Vercelli
Pescara Trapani

Riposa: Latina

The Livorno's matches of this season:
1)Livorno - Carpi
2)Brescia - Livorno
3)Livorno - Latina
4)Bari - Livorno
5)Livorno - Varese
6)Avellino - Livorno
7)Livorno - Crotone
8)Livorno - Trapani
9)Ternana - Livorno
10)Livorno - Spezia
11)Cittadella - Livorno
12)Livorno - Bologna
13)V.Lanciano - Livorno
14)Livorno - Pro Vercelli
15)Frosinone - Livorno
16)Livorno - Perugia
17)Modena - Livorno
18)Livorno - Catania
19)Entella - Livorno
20)Livorno - riposo
21)Livorno - Pescara

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Livorno half slip, 1-1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claudio Lombardi   
Saturday, 30 August 2014 23:31

Livorno - It can be considered to all intents and purposes a means false step, one made from amaranth in the encounter of debut tonight against the Carpi, which ended with the score 1-1. Few notable occasions, and the offensive form proposed by Gautieri, managed to unhinge only once the compact defense of the visiting team. Indeed, in the second half amaranth declined and is coming off a good game organization opponents who had come to conquer at least one point, deserving the result of a tie.

E 'was once again a Galabinov break the deadlock with a great volley violently that he sent the ball under the crossbar so unstoppable. During the first portion of the game, was the Carpi to go near the edge, a corner, on a great header Struna which opposed masterfully Mazzoni.

In the second half, fell amaranth and was released on Carpi. At 58 'a cross from the bottom of Galiolo was well collected by Mbakogu that dish was sending the ball into the net. Gautieri changed in subsequent steps the three forwards in the hope of changing the inertia of the game, but the Carpi achieved a draw, no more wrong and brought home the result.

Before the start of the championship game of tonight, so it is very difficult to make judgments about the team and about the game. It should be noted, however, that in both of the two official matches made, the second half was never on the same level as the first, we shall see in the next meeting which will be the tactical adjustments that the coach will be to solve the problem.

Report Match Livorno-Carpi

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Italy Cup, Livorno-Bassano 2-4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Luca Maggini   
Sunday, 17 August 2014 21:29

Livorno - Livorno immediately greets the Italian Cup. Unexpected home defeat, that suffered at the hands of Bassano Virtus that plays in the Pro League championship, which excludes from the second round of the amaranth. It will therefore be the Venetian team to go to the Olimpico to face Lazio.

Game of two faces played at the Armando Picchi stadium. The Livorno had taken the lead after about a quarter of an hour with a goal of exquisite workmanship of Galabinov, but in ten minutes the visiting team has managed to overturn the result with Maistrello and Iocolano with a penalty.
But shortly before the expire Moscati was staring at the result in equal.

In the second half we expected a team that made the mistakes they committed in the first half and then more careful. Instead, the game was never developed and Livorno could not provide their attackers playable balls.
Unfortunately the pole touched by Munarini ten minutes from time was the signal that something was changing. In fact, out of action for a corner, Bizzotto head infolava Mazzoni.
Gautieri inserted Jefferson to find most offensive thrust, but the Livorno was unable to retrieve the key to the problem, rather, was Stevanin to 91' to declare the final score of 2-4 and a loss to Livorno.

Match Report Livorno-Virtus Bassano

Last Updated on Monday, 18 August 2014 21:36
Sixth friendly, Livorno-Pro Vercelli 2-0 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claudio Lombardi   
Friday, 08 August 2014 14:24

Acqui Terme - The match with the Pro Vercelli was the last among of those planned for this summer session of training. The match was played at the sports field "Ottolenghi" of Acqui Terme and this time, Mr. Guatieri has included players who will be the likely holders of the training amaranth.
The first half was to study without any particular emotion, which are arrive at a later time certainly more dynamic.
Livorno took the lead thanks to a penalty converted by striker Galabinov summer, caused by a hand ball in Cosenza. The Pro Vercelli has attempted a reaction, in particular with Gomes, but the accuracy has lacked in the conclusions of the Piedmont team. Doubling that closed the match was Belingheri that with a soft conclusion, has surmonted the goalkeeper Russo and has placed the ball into the top corner.

Report Match

Livorno: Mazzoni, Meola, Lambrughi, Biagianti, Bernardini, Emerson, Jelenic, Moscati, Galabinov, Gemiti, Belingheri. On bench: Cipriani, Maicon, Mosquera, Bigazzi, Surraco, Ceccherini, Gonnelli, Molinelli, Cirelli. Manager: Gautieri.
Pro Vercelli: Russo, Germano, Liviero (46' Scazzola), Ardizzone, Cosenza, Milesi, Emmanuello (46' Ronaldo), Scavone (62' Castiglia), Marchi (46' Gomes), Belloni (67' Ragatzu), Fabiano (72' Greco). On bench: Anacoura, Bani, Negro, Erpen, Danza, Volpe, Secondo, Moretti. Manager: Scazzola.

Referee: Lanza di Nichelino
Assistants: Cassarà ed Affatato

Goals: 60' Galabinov (rig.), 79' Belingheri

Last Updated on Friday, 08 August 2014 14:32
Fifth friendly, Livorno-Acqui 0-1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claudio Lombardi   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 09:45

Acqui Terme - First defeat for the team Gautieri in this series of summer friendlies. The team that took to the field was made up of the very few holders in view also of the meeting certainly more challenging with Pro Vercelli in the program on August 8.
At the goals of the first half of Aquaro, the team did not find the insights needed to impact the game.

Match Facts:

Acqui: Teti (46' Rovera), Coviello (64' Russo), Giambarresi (60' Cangini), Emiliano (60' De Stefano), Del Nero, Buonocunto, Rondinelli, Genocchio, Aquaro (64' Jeda), Innocenti, Romuadi (65' Ivaldi). On bench: Bencivenga, Buonocunto, Martinetti, Porazza, Lorenzo. Manager: Merlo
Livorno: Cipriani; Maicon (76' Morelli), Stoppini (81' Macera), Ceccherini, Ricci; Mosquera, Molinelli (80' Simonetti), Bartolini; Bigazzi (75' Rafati), Bruzzi (80' Mariani), Surraco. On bench: Cirelli. Manager: Gautieri
Referee: Comunian di Biella
Assistants: Milia e Vendola
Goal: 40' Aquaro

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 August 2014 09:48
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