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UsLivorno 1915 - I numeri del Livorno Calcio
I convocati di Bari-Livorno PDF Print E-mail
Written by Luca Maggini   
Friday, 19 September 2014 21:02
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Livorno - Sono stati diramate dalle rispettive società le liste dei convocati per l'incontro di Sabaato Bari-Livorno (vedi anche e Ventuno i calciatori chiamati da Mister Gautieri che dovrà fare a meno dello squalificato Djokovic, e degli infortunati Bigazzi, Maicon e Luci.
Ventidue invece i calciatori chiamati da Devis Mangia, Caputo sempre squalificato, ma con la sua squalifica ridotta dal Giudice sportivo da tre a due giornate.

Portieri: Guarna, Donnarumma, Micai Alessandro
Difensori: Sabelli, Rossini, Ligi, Contini, Filippini, Camporese, Calderoni
Centrocampisti: Romizi, Donati, Sciaudone, Stevanovic, Wolski, Defendi, Gomelt
Attaccanti: De Luca, Galano, Partipilo, Stoian, Rozzi

Portieri: Mazzoni, Coser, Cipriani
Difensori: Gemiti, Ceccherini, Emerson, Lambrughi, Bernardini, Gonnelli
Centrocampisti: Moscati, Rafati, Jelenic, Belingheri, Biagianti, Mosquera, Surraco
Attaccanti: Siligardi, Jefferson, Galabinov, Cutolo, Vantaggiato

Le probabili formazioni di Bari-Livorno

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Minelli for Bari-Livorno PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Thursday, 18 September 2014 13:43

Livorno - It will be the referee Daniele Minelli section of Varese to conduct the match Bari vs Livorno (assisted by Di Iorio and Caliari, IV man Di Ruberto) valid for the 4th day of the Serie b.
First direction about this referee with amaranths.

Designations 4th day Serie B

The Livorno in 10 apprehends Latina, 1-1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Claudio Lombardi   
Monday, 15 September 2014 22:28

Livorno - It can be considered a point gained, the draw tonight, rather than two points lost, having regard to the crease who had assumed the game.
After a first elapsed time without any particular emotion, the beginning of the second tranche of game has been moved the race to the detriment of the amaranth colors.
Infact, after two minutes of the second half, it was Djokovic get caught in foul in midfield, making up his second booking and then the expulsion, thus leaving 10 the team.
Livorno had not yet managed to fix the markings, that Rossi's cross found the head of Crimi, beating Mazzoni for the 0-1 goal.

Gautieri then he tried to make amends by sacrificing Belingheri for Gemiti, and then, the next few minutes, inputting Cutolo and Vantaggiato instead of Siligardi and Jefferson (the latter represented the ex player, who probably felt much the game having regard to its performance mat).
Livorno trying to throw your heart over the obstacle in the hope of getting a deserved equalizer. After a few chances we had on set-pieces, 89,'s cross Gemiti, was Cottafava to intercept his hand decreeing the penalty foul. The maximum punishment was shot by Cutolo, who, this time it failed, scoring the equalizer.

In injury time there was space for an opportunity to hand to catch the victory in extremis, but the imprecision of the two attackers, Cutolo for Livorno and Sforzini for Latina, did not alter the result of the same meeting.

Match Score Livorno-Latina

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Sportive Judge, decisions about 2nd day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Monday, 08 September 2014 20:12

Milano - They have been published in major decisions of the Sportive Judge dr. Emilio Battaglia after 2nd day of Serie B.

Teams fines: 5.000€ to Bari, 3.000€ to Pescara, 2.000€ to Latina and Perugia, 1.000€ to Ternana, Trapani and Vicenza

5 days disqualification: TERLIZZI (Trapani)

3 days disqualification: CAPUTO (Bari), COSENZA (Pro Vercelli)

2 days disqualification: ZAPPINO (Frosinone)

1 day disqualification: BLANCHARD (Frosinone), DEFENDI (Bari), Sauro (Catania)

Players warned: Nobody

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The Livorno storm the Rigamonti, 0-1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Luca Maggini   
Saturday, 06 September 2014 22:04

Brescia - Livorno imposes deservedly 1-0 to Brescia, with a head shot winner of Djokovic, having missed a penalty in the first half with Cutolo.

In Livorno is back in the defensive department Emerson, after serving his suspension, and has taken the field with the trident formed by Belingheri, Jefferson and Cutolo, the Brescia was presented with the classic 3-5-2, with Corvia and Caracciolo to form the attack.

The first half, it was pretty balanced where Mazzoni was called into action a couple of times by opposing itself very well to the insidious pull of Corvia. Equally Minelli, the best of her, before he foiled a sure shot of Belingheri, then he saved the penalty to Cutolo.

In the second half, the Livorno climbed into the chair, he taught the game, was able to draw from the bench in the quality rather than the Brescia accused. Before he entered Siligardi in place of Jefferson, to review its performance, then Vantaggiato instead of Cutolo.
Siligardi with his cuts brought havoc in the opponent's defense, committing Minelli and hitting the top of the base bar to Vantaggiato Face to face with the goalkeeper could not close a network obtaining only a corner.
It seemed haunted and the door Minelli unsurpassed when 78 ', action on the corner a pinpoint cross found the Siligardi head Djokovic who put in the net after some rebounds between the crossbar and the goalkeeper.
The reaction of the home team was barren, and Livorno, after 4 minutes of recovery, brought home this important victory.

Match Report Brescia-Livorno

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Sportive Judge, Djokovic disqualified for a day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 13:33

Milano - They have been published in major decisions of the Sportive Judge dr. Emilio Battaglia after 3rd day of Serie B.

Teams fines: 2.000€ to Frosinone and Pescara, 1.000€ to Perugia

3 days disqualification: THIAM Mame Baba (Virtus Lanciano)

1 day disqualification: ELY Rodrigo (Avellino), COPPOLA Ferdinando (Bologna), MINOTTI Nadir (Crotone), DJOKOVIC Damjan (Livorno), COMOTTO Gianluca (Perugia), SALAMON Bartosz (Pescara), SCAGLIA Massimiliano (Pro Vercelli), RUSSO Michele (Virtus Entella)

Players warned: Nessuno

Rank Fines Serie B Teams 2014/15

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Chiffi for Livorno-Latina PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Thursday, 11 September 2014 16:26

Livorno - It will be the referee Daniele Chiffi section of Padova to conduct the match of Monday with Livorno vs Latina (assisted by Colella and Di Francesco, IV man Giovani) valid for the 3rd day of the Serie b.
First direction about this referee with amaranths.

Designations 3rd day Serie B

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Press room, declarations of Gautieri and Iaconi PDF Print E-mail
Written by Luca Maggini   
Saturday, 06 September 2014 22:42

Brescia - The statements of the two coaches to the press, the first to arrive Carmine Gautieri,

We have seen a Livorno in progress in this game ...
Tonight there was a great step forward, although with the Carpi we did a good performance, and we got the goal purtrppo the only occasion them. Tonight's was a good performance, they have always tried to play as well as I requested, however there is still a lot of work.

The exchange rates at the end were decisive?
They have given new vitality. A Belingheri and Jefferson had asked to work a lot in not being held, and they did. The team can still grow and we should be preparing to sacrifice.

The next penalty will always beat the Cutolo?
Cutolo's penalty taker and for me there 'is no problem, even Maradona has missed the penalty.

Tonight the defense was really good, the team has never elongated, showing a good run of form, what do you think?
Yes, it was really good, but it must be remembered, however, that the defense always starts from the three attackers. We worked a lot on the negative phase of transition, and the guys have played well

Belingheri You kept until the end, to keep the exterior with standing inverted or because satisfied with his performance?
both situazioni.Sia satisfied, either because we play standing inverted. I was asked to go on Belingheri centrocmnpista to open the game and has done very well.

As you have seen Mosquera today?
E 'calaitapre with a great room for improvement, is young, and he like others have yet to adapt to the new form of the game.

While Vantaggiato?
E 'come from little, and there can be very useful, today made the team even breathe.

The questions now answered Ivo Iaconi. [ continues ... ]

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The player list of Brescia-Livorno PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giovanni Marino   
Friday, 05 September 2014 18:33

Livorno - It was circulated by Carmine Gautieri the list of twenty one player squad for the advance of Saturday night at the Rigamonti for Brescia-Livorno (see official website
There are twenty-three matches played at this stadium by Amaranth, getting four wins, ten draws and nine defeats.
In the season 2012/13, date from the latest challenges, is the one made in the league, finished 0-0, is correct for the first leg of the playoffs ended 1-1 (Caracciolo, Paulinho)

Goalkeepers: Coser, Mazzoni, Cipriani
Defenders: Emerson, Bernardini, Ceccherini, Maicon, Gemiti, Gonnelli, Lambrughi
Midfielders: Biagianti, Mosquera, Belingheri, Djokovic, Jelenic, Moscati, Surraco
Forwards: Jefferson, Siligardi, Vantaggiato, Cutolo

Probable line-up of Brescia-Livorno and statistics of the match

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